1099 Assistant

About the owner

My name is Patty Rogers, business owner of 1099 Assistant & Virtual Assistant.

I have been working as a Virtual Assistant since 2011.  The first couple years my time was
dedicated to one client in the Financial Services sector.  The decision to expand my business and
take on additional clients was an easy one.  It's easy when you love what you do. 

My background includes several years in Commercial Property Management including Sales,
Office Management of a team and Managing multiple locations.  Additionally, I spent years as
a Recruiter specializing in Accounting & Finance.  These paths have lead me to where I am
today and have been the perfect blend in shaping 1099 Assistant.

On the personal side, my favorite past time is spending time with those who mean the most to me,
family & friends, I cherish those relationships.  My hobbies include cooking & entertaining, reading
and catching a good movie.

After a few years with 1099 Assistant I can proudly say that we have Independent Contractors
working as our Virtual Assistants.  We've worked with clients in areas including but not limited to
Financial Services, Personal and Business Coaches, Marketing, Beauty, Technology & Property

What's your area of expertise that we can add to that list?