1099 Assistant

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Who We Help

We work with business owners and small businesses struggling in one or more of the following areas.

  1. They spend much of their day on non-critical tasks.
  2. The work life vs. professional life is unbalanced.
  3. The To-Do list and company vision are not aligned.

What our clients tell us is that they are frustrated with the little things getting in the way of growing the business.

About Us

Hire A Virtual Assistant

Who We Are

1099 Assistant is a team of professional, U.S. based Virtual Assistants available for a task, short-term project or dedicated support.  Clients rely on us for our Administrative Assistance including CRM, Social Media, Customer Service, and all back office services.

What Our Clients Get From Us 


​Many of our clients like to offload the non-critical work so that they can focus on the money generating business.

Some like the idea of having their "Assistant" reply to emails and answer calls. It provides a much bigger impression to the customer or potential client on the other end.

"There was a day when I was in a 4 hour meeting, Patty was able to answer my phone while I was out.  She proceeded to help an existing customer and book a new one.  It was that day...I knew hiring 1099 Assistant was the right choice."  - Robert

One of my clients, Mary, used the time that was freed up by working with us to prospect and get new clients.  Mary told me that typically equates to between $100-$300 p/hour in her pocket.