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1099 Assistant Academy

Are you tired of searching the internet on how to become a Virtual Assistant, only to find nonsense? Me too...and the nonsense stops right here, right now.

I have created a 6-week workshop where you will be trained on several topics that are imperative to running a successful Virtual Assistant Business. No, this is not the standard you see out there of "All the templates, documents & agreements" you'll need to start your business. In this workshop, you'll receive the following:

*Warning: these are skills can be implemented into your business today!

Infusionsoft – Client contact, e-commerce & drip marketing application
WordPress – Commonly used web design tool used by small businesses
Social Media – Content & postings to both personal & business 2.0 media sites
Facebook - Paid marketing campaigns
MailChimp – email distribution & capture platform
Constant Contact – email distribution and capture platform

Want to become a Virtual Assistant?

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In addition to learning these skills, you'll become registered with 1099 Assistant as a Virtual Assistant ready to be hired.

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